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About Us

In 1980 a young man named Mike Torres came to America with one mission, to buy his mom a house.  In addition to buying his mom a home, he built a thriving real estate business by approaching the market in a unique way.
Today MTI Education helps people from all walks of life reach their dreams by teaching them a time proven method that’s worked for him and his family for the last 15 years.
His secret key: Investing in real estate using the probate court system in America.
During his teaching career, he bought his first probate home and earned over $130,000 PROFIT in less than 2 months.  This check represented more than 3 times his yearly teacher’s salary.  His life changed forever.

With a healthy curiosity and fascination in real estate, he began to study how to invest in real estate in America.  Using the court systems in the US, he quickly learned how to identify great buying opportunities with motivated sellers.
Soon thereafter, he went from a teacher to a millionaire in his early 30’s, by investing in probate.  It wasn’t long until he began teaching and empowering friends, family and students in his immediate circles.
Mike lives in Long Beach with his wife Molly and their kids Michael (9 years old) and Hannah (12 years old).  In his own words he is “blessed with health, spirit, family and wealth” and looks forward to sharing his secrets.

Mike Torres

co-founder and CEO

Mike brings his passion for teaching and savviness for investing to the team.  With a strong desire to empower people through education, he chose probate as a vehicle because of the success he had as an investor.  His desire to help agents, investors and administrators of estates stems from his difficult experience of settling his the estate of his father when he passed away. Today he teaches, develops content and coaches students across the nation.

Molly Torres

co-founder and COO

Apart from being the co-founder and COO, Molly is also the brain behind anything to do for curriculum development.  By working closely with Mike and his vision, she constantly ensures that only the best content and curriculum gets delivered to our students.  Molly also has over 14 years of experience in the probate real estate field as an investor.  She teaches from a place of great integrity using pedagogic techniques she picked up when she taught for the Long Beach Unified School District for more than a decade.


Michelle Perales

Office Manager and chief of "getting it done"

Michelle keeps us all sane and focused.  She’s the bridge between all the stuff you don’t see on the backend and the great experience our students receive on the front end.  She brings years of valuable experience to our team with integrity and wonderful work ethic.

Stephanie Zuniga

Enrollment Advisor

Stephanie is a delight to work with.  How do we know? Our clients tell us all the time. Stephanie brings years of customer service and enrollment experience.  She can help you get started with the course that is right for you.